"Whatever you believe is going to become your reality. Worrying is a prayer for what you don’t want."

Ciara Foy  (TW: @CiaraFoyInc  FB: Ciara Foy Nutrition IG: @ciarafoynutrition )  went from being a Bay Street law career struggling through her first pregnancy at 26 years old to a multiple 6-figure business owner at 42 years old.

Ciara (pronounced “Keera”) helps driven, high-achieving women understand their health. By helping them prioritize their internal life and create room for self-care, she gets them on track to become their happiest, healthiest, most efficacious selves.

For over a decade, Ciara has coached Bay Street and Wall Street executives, managing directors, technology entrepreneurs and professionals returning to the workforce after having children. She specializes in nutrition, uniquely focusing on the relationship between the foods women eat, their hormonal health and their on-the-job performance.

These days, when she’s not working out of her private practice in downtown Toronto—or spending time with her two girls—Ciara provides consultations to women all over the world, from the United States to Scotland, Morocco, and beyond.  Ciara’s perspective has been featured previously in ELLE, FLARE, ET Canada, Reader’s Digest, Canadian Living and Body Rock TV. She also has a new book coming out this June called, Empowered by Food: Heal Your Hormones, Balance Stress, and Become Unstoppable.

In the book she offers “no-nonsense, action steps” that help high-achieving women professionals and entrepreneurs “ditch perfectionism, love yourself healthy and feel confident and energized in the boardroom—and the bedroom.”

I met Ciara as a referral from a mutual friend. I reached out because I wanted to learn how we as entrepreneurs can better take of ourselves during the marathon that is starting and scaling a business.

And Ciara more than delivered. She's not just a theoretical coach -- she's in the trenches building her own coaching practice.

In fact, Ciara’s gone through the gamut of personal and professional difficulties over the 13 years she’s been in business: family conflict, a divorce, post-partum depression after having her first kid, intense hours in her law career, and even pulling her business through the 2008 recession.

We go into all of that in this interview. More importantly, we discuss healthy coping mechanisms to manage all that stress.

Finally, if you’re a guy reading this and don’t think this is for you (because we do mention menstrual cramps in the first 10 minutes!), keep listening because we also talk about dealing with overwhelm, advice for overachievers to prevent burn out, and how to turn off so we can turn on when we need to.

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In This Episode We Talk About…

If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right — Henry Ford

  • The importance of boundaries in relationships and how Ciara learned to set them
  • Her story of learning self-worth and self-love
  • How PMS can be avoided (!)
  • How she got out of post-partum depression and how she got through the darkest periods in her life, including divorce, family conflict, and even rape
  • How to stop feeling like the other shoe is going to drop when something good happens
  • Her non-negotiable daily practices for staying positive, focused, and grateful
  • The two things she tells herself when she feels overwhelmed about the future
  • The three fears that stop us from improving our lives
  • For the perfections: How Ciara tells her high-achieving clients to take a step forward even if their situation isn’t perfect
  • Her advice for self-care for hard charging overachievers, founders, and top performers
  • If you want to change your habits and become a morning person, should you focus on sleeping earlier or waking up earlier?
  • How to turn off so we can be fully on when we want to be

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Done is better than perfect.

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