"I had been through so much in my life that I had to realign what success meant to me. And in doing so, I really focused on what really mattered to me the most."

ROMINA (@REDROMINA), is an actress,  a published author, online content creator and world explorer.

She has worked on films such as Horrible Bosses 2, The Insomniac, and Wild Child. She has also joined the cast of various TV series like JONAS and Saving Grace. Her passion for film has led her to start her own production company and working with brands, such as Toyota, Coca Cola, Honda, and San Diego Comic Con.

ROMINA vlogs and livestreams every week on her YouTube channel, REDROMINA, and co-hosts a podcast with other professional filmmakers called The Cool Kids Table.

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In this episode we talk about:

  • Being an early adopter of YouTube before it was popular
  • How YouTube and the Internet has changed the entertainment industry
  • What it’s like to be typecast in Hollywood
  • How she stays focused on what she truly wants
  • Having confidence and maintaining her privacy as public figure
  • Cutting out toxic people in your life who don’t align with your mission

Notes and Quotes from the Interview

“When I started posting stuff on YouTube, nobody knew what that was. I was the weird adult-kid who was on the internet all of the time.”

On writing

”Writing was just another way for me to breathe.”

On belonging and fitting in

”I never found that I was someone who easily fit in with groups of people. It was always hard for me to make friends. I was always second-guessing myself around people because it always felt like I didn’t really belong.”

On urgency and time

“Maybe I have 80 years, at best, in my life. How much time do I actually have left, that allows me to interact with people? It’s not a lot of time. There’s not a lot of time to do that. For me, I want to make sure that time is spent wisely. And it’s spent with people who are at a level that I can communicate with, people who allow me to grow as a person, people who inspire me, and people who make me into a better person.”  

How YouTube has changed the entertainment industry

On YouTube I’m putting myself out there. Sometimes I have to think about how I’m putting myself out there and how I want to be portrayed, and still remain genuine.

  • Actors can’t just be actors. They have to know how to be behind the camera, too.
  • You can’t just be a creative. You have to have a wholistic view of your place in the industry.

On her vision for her life

“[My] purpose is to tell stories that inspire people to make an impact in the future. At the end of the day I get inspired by these stories… I had been through so much in my life that I had to realign what success meant to me. And in doing so, I really focused on what really mattered to me the most.

“I went through a lot of dark periods in my life and it was deciding what would make me happy. And not letting something external be the deciding factor for that. I think that’s what was my turning point: having enough of that.”

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