"I didn’t start being, like, ‘I’m gonna make this a career.’ I started because they looked like [creators] were having fun and I want to have fun, too.”

Audrey Huyghe or Audrey Ember (not Amber) on the internet is a YouTuber and filmmaker. She’s a member of the #nosmallcreator movement by Cody Wanner and she started her own movement: #CreateHer.

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Roxine’s Notes from the Interview


  • Audrey started from a place of taste — she had an idea of what she wanted to watch and worked on that
  • She didn’t go into it wanting to be a YouTuber. She just does what she loves and enjoys.
  • I like how relaxed she is
  • Doing what seems natural to you
  • The importance of finding a community — the most important!
  • Helps you improve
  • She just wanted to make stuff and not be bothered You don’t have to make a YouTube channel if it’s not your thing!
  • There’s lots of ways to build an audience
  • You don’t know what or who you can be until you see it

“[Filmmaking] was never really forced [for me].”

— Audrey Ember

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