Research your own experience.
Absorb what is useful.
Reject what is useless.
Add what is essentially your own.
ā€” Bruce Lee

I'm Roxine Kee, a writer, marketer, and designer based in Toronto, Canada.

This is my home on the internet where I write about doing creative work, productivity, and personal development. I also document and share my journey in this blog as I pursue creative career and build a consulting business.

Through this site, I want to inspire other creative professionals who want to make a living doing work they love.

Here's a short timeline of this site

  • In 2014 I started this website in university because y'know, I've always wanted to have a blog. I wrote about school, productivity, and tried to sound smart. I start sending a weekly newsletter.
  • In 2017, I got into freelance writing with my first regular client.
  • In 2018, I graduated from university with a business degree and a job.. And quit a few months later to work on my freelance writing/content marketing business full-time.
  • In 2019, I started The Creator Maker Life Podcast. I also decided that I wanted co-workers and a way to learn design on the job. So I took a part-time job at my church doing communications and marketing.
Design at its core is communication.
-- Tobias van Schneider

These days, I split my time between....

Basically, I work, I learn, and I write about working and learning. (I swear I'm a lot of fun at parties. šŸ˜‚)