The Freshman's Guide to Ryerson

Let's Make Sure Your First Year Isn't A Waste Year

As a Ryerson student, you get Microsoft Office 365 for free.

You didn't know that, did you?

Hi there!

I'm Roxine and I'm a 5th year Business Technology Management co-op student, finishing up my last year. I'm also a blogger, writer and entrepreneur.

I put up the first freshman's FAQ and guide a few years ago and it covered:

  • How to navigate RAMSS
  • Tuition and OSAP questions
  • Easy electives you can take
  • Where to get cheap Textbooks these days
  • A bunch of other things, including some Ryerson hacks (like how to sync your Ryerson email + calendar with your Google account, which is hella useful)

If I get enough people to sign up for this info, I'll update the guide and send it straight to your inbox.

So, if you want it, hit SUBSCRIBE, put in your email, and I'll be in touch.

TTYL. Peace.


Let me know if you want the Freshman's Guide...

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