If You Were Born After 1995, Keep Reading.

OK, Even If You're A Bit Older, You Can Keep Reading.

Who are we? We are Gen Z.

We are the digital natives, internet pioneers, founders and change makers of this era.

We love stories - but only the unsugar-coated, authentic and genuine ones.

We are the young, passionate underdogs who will change the world.

We are young, scrappy and hungry. (Thanks, Hamilton.)

… But in our quest for world domination, sometimes we need a little help.

Hi, I’m Roxine.

I’m an older member of Gen Z - I was born in 1995 and ever since I was 9, I’d always been a restless soul.

I’ve always known somehow that there would be no job security waiting for me at the end of my academic career - so I charted my own path with internships and various side hustles.

I had always had a hard time under authority and the school system, but I also knew that school was necessary and that I had a lot to learn. So I did my best in school and got good grades… But I also built up my own education on the side by reading hundreds of books, sitting in on hours and hours of conversations and building relationships with people from all different walks of life.

I quietly followed along with the system so I could learn how it worked... But now I'm about to break free.

And this is what Defy Gravity is all about.

Here in Defy Gravity, I write about life skills and principles.

You’ll learn how to land that notoriously difficult first “real” job right out of college (or even before). You can use that job as a springboard to a successful career… Or as a means to an end as you bide your time, while you pay off your student loans.

You’ll learn about true independence and resiliency - what it really means to adult in these tough times.

You’ll learn about how to manage yourself so you can channel all of that energy and focus into the most important things in your life, i.e. stop procrastinating and get productive.

You’ll learn how to relate to people authentically and get anyone you meet to like you - even if they’re our parents' age.


My weekly newsletter is the resource I never had when I was starting out. I will teach you practical life lessons from the previous generations so that you can use it in your own journey… To yes, I’ll say it, change the world.

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